The Good Life – Our Vision

For a few decades, we have lived a simple but better life here at Herrtorps Qvarn!
We feel privileged to be able to look after this inspiring location, and to move it in a more natural direction – to create a place where people can get close to nature, in many different ways.
We strive to run a sustainable operation where we care for Mother Earth and inspire others to do the same. This involves using energy sparingly, and only using clean energy. It involves minimising our waste, and making sure that any waste we produce can easily be returned to nature. It involves caring about how the things we use have been produced. As an example, we source all the ingredients we use in our kitchen from the forest and fields, or from the local area, and we use organic products as much as possible. This means that you should not be surprised if there are no early vegetables on our menu in spring; they are simply not yet grown in a sustainable way in our local area. The energy we use comes directly from our own waterfall, so when you “fill up” your electric vehicle, it really doesn’t get any more environmentally friendly than this! Sleep well knowing that all our rooms are decorated using environmentally friendly paints and furnished with recycled and locally produced items. Naturally, the bedlinen are organic… and please sort your waste carefully.

Life beneath the surface

Water management has always been close to our hearts. More areas where the threatened brown trout can breed and grow have been created, and broodstock fish are collected in the autumn. Two smaller bypasses have been built by our waterfall. Despite all this, it has been an uphill struggle against the transportation of sediments, lowering efforts, and temperature increases caused by the restoration of Lake Hornborga.

In Nature´s Arms

– this is how we like to think of Herrtorps Qvarn; surrounded by lush vegetation and flowing water. And this is the first thing visitors notice when they arrive. But there is a deeper truth behind these words, which only becomes clear when you take a closer look. Welcome to explore Herrtorps Qvarn!

Among the birds and the bees

This is a place that is teeming with life! As you walk around the area you will come across insect and wild bee hotels, as well as nesting boxes for bats and birds. The hide by the bird-feeder is a great place to observe birds of many different species.

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