Local flavours at a gentle pace

Take a seat on our jetty, listen to the sparkling water and enjoy a
menu based on ingredients that do both the soul and nature good.

Our season is divided into three menus based on what is available in nature's pantry.
The food is created from raw materials from our nearby lakes, forests and agriculture.
Our kitchen is mostly focused on fish but also game and vegetarian is offered.
For the food, we have a customized selection of organic wine and beer.

Opening hours - closed for the season

Welcome to an experience for all the senses!


As we use fresh ingredients from our surroundings, we want to reserve ourselves for changes in the menu.

Please give us a call for meny in english.

Sweet and seasonal

Our home-baked sweets, as well as our menu follow the color and shape of the season.
Always on the meny is of course our famous carrot cake!

Ice cream, Kling's ice cream, is of course also available from us.

Pub evening

Every month we arrange PUB-evenings at the mill.
During these evenings you can enjoy a pub-inspirerad meny and local beer.

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